Broker of Record Letter


Date: _/ _/ ___/

William & Christopher Insurance
Brokers Inc. / P.O. Box 11862

Newport Beach,
CA 92658-5044

Broker of Record Letter
Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance

To Whom It May Concern:

This is to confirm that as of __/__/__, we have appointed William & Christopher Insurance Brokers, Inc. (WCIB) as our exclusive insurance broker with respect to the above referenced coverage. The appointment of WCIB rescinds all previous appointments.

WCIB is hereby authorized to negotiate directly with any interested company as respects to new coverage and/or to make changes to existing Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance policies. Further, WCIB is authorized to request any and all information they may require as it pertains to the above referenced coverage. This designation of Broker of Record will remain in full force until cancelled in writing.


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